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(Chatham, NJ) – Calling him the best Republican choice to reclaim the Morris County-based 11th Congressional District, four Morris County Commissioners announced their endorsement of businessman and taxpayer champion Tayfun Selen, including Steve Shaw, Deb Smith, Kathy DeFillippo, and John Krickus.

“I’m proud to have worked alongside Tayfun at the County level, and he is the out-of-the-box candidate with a unique story that Republicans need - who can best appeal to independent voters and win this seat,” said Republican Commissioner Steve Shaw. “Tayfun has lived the American dream, has been successful in business, and has been a part of four straight budgets without ever raising property taxes. We need more leaders like that in Washington.”

“Skyrocketing inflation and massive new government spending under the Biden administration requires fresh new faces in Congress. We don’t need more Pelosi rubber-stamps working for us,” said Commissioner Deb Smith, a Denville resident. “Tayfun Selen is a CPA and an MBA, with a career managing major budgets in business, and in his public service at the local and county level. His record is unmatched and I’m proud to support him for Congress.”

The endorsements give Selen a sizeable early advantage as the leading Republican candidate to take on Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, which ProPublica found voted with Speaker Pelosi 99% of the time in the most recently completed congressional term.

“Republicans are fortunate to have a candidate of Tayfun Selen’s caliber stepping up for this seat,” added Commissioner John Krickus. “Immigrating to the U.S. the right way, Tayfun worked minimum wage jobs, moved up the corporate ladder, and built an impressive business and tax-fighting career that we can all be proud of. I’m proud to endorse him.”

“I’m so grateful to earn the support and recognition of these important Republican leaders in our County,” said Tayfun Selen. “I’m ready to take the fight to Sherrill in this campaign, to advance a taxpayer-first agenda, and to stop the Pelosi-Biden policies that are driving us toward socialism.”


About Morris County Republican Commissioner TAYFUN SELEN

Tayfun Selen is a proven fiscal conservative, experienced businessman and American success story. Selen immigrated from Turkey with a degree in architecture in 1996, pumping gas and working entry level jobs before earning an MBA and his CPA license. He earned his U.S. citizenship in 2008, and managed major corporate real estate operations with over 100 employees and several hundred million dollar budgets. Today, he is an executive with Lincoln Education Corp, which builds well-paying trade skills as an alternative to a liberal arts education. Selen previously served as Chatham Township Mayor, and later filled a vacancy on the Morris County Commission in February 2020. He was selected by his peers in December 2021 to serve as Director of the Morris County Board of Commissioners. Learn more:

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